Interior Spaces & the Power of Intention

“If you do not create change, change will create you.” ~Unknown

In our Western culture, we often discuss how difficult it is to make changes although most of us are smart enough to know that the only constant in life is change.There are plenty of folks who understand metaphysical healing-the belief that negative mental patterns can lead to illness. New research in medicine informs us that if we change our physical bodies, our minds will follow. Or vice versa. Stanford University psychologist Kelly McGonigal tells us that changing our mind about stress changes how much stress negatively affects us. See her fabulous TedTalk with almost 4 million views here: Social psychologist Amy Cuddy, Associate Professor at Harvard Business School, suggests that changing our postures changes the hormones in our body and thus our behavior. See her great TedTalk here Used as a therapy tool and often credited to in Alcoholics Anonymous,  the phrase”fake it till you make it” suggests we act as if something was already true.

Many of us read and nod understandingly not realizing that when we walk into a space that has been intentionally designed, it really is a healthier environment to live in. If we can consciously use elements of feng shui, decluttering, interior design, and staging when we design our living spaces, we are bound to feel more supported and aligned with our priorities. Contact me if I can help.

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