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For two decades, SRH has been assisting clients refurbish, redesign, and stage their homes and offices. Whether you’re staging for resale, redesigning a workspace or home for comfort and healing, re-organizing, or need seasonal decorating, we can help you create an environment that serves your lifestyle needs. Our design eye, artistically honed in the school of thrifty spending, changes lives every day. Contact us today. We’ll help you with those creative details. 

  • Working with a stager more often removes the realtor from the awkward position of speaking to a client’s taste in home decor.
  • Carol is a former realtor, has been staging homes for two decades, and teaches staging and redesign in communities throughout the suburbs. My back ground in the arts sets my aesthetic apart from the crowd and focuses on appealing to the broadest range of home buyers.Sanctuary
  • Staged homes sell quicker. That’s a fact. Staging your home for resale  distinguishes your property from others on the market and presents your features at their best. The buying process can be overwhelming for buyers, and staging sets you apart from the rest with clean lines, inviting  spaces, and a presentation that shouts “BUY ME” !
  • As part of the realtor’s team, I bring an objective perspective that owners come to realize, understand, and value when preparing their home for sale.
  • Area realtors know me for my reasonable pricing, excellent staging skills, and my ability to carefully work with homeowners. I utilize much of what sellers already own to create dynamic showings that get results.
  • Staging a home for resale provides a service to both realtor and seller.  My goal is to sell your listing! We present the home in the finest possible condition, improve home showing appeal, the home spends less time on the market, and the ensuing buzz encourages the seller to think of their home as a saleable commodity.
  • My goal is to improve your business by helping move homes more quickly, therefore at higher prices. I stage with a targeted buyer in mind. As an option, pictures taken by me for internet viewing entice traffic to the listing, and once inside the home, I make sure the experience is a great one.
  • My track record clearly demonstrates that my formulas are effective and appeal to a broad range of buyers. On average, the homes I stage spend less than a month on the market.
  • Many realtors I work for have a value-added clause within their listing agreement where they pay for an initial 3-4 hours of my services. Additional work is either paid by the realtor or by the client, by mutual decision.


“Carol transformed the appearance of my home! She has a talent for visualizing adjustments to create a very aesthetically pleasing space. She has an eye for detail and it made all the difference in the selling of my home.”            Denise 2005