Since I was young, I was fascinated with how color affects mood, by how the human brain functions, how energy inhabits a space, and how changing physical elements in an office or home begins a chain reaction that changes lives. The process isn’t complex – anyone can learn to tune into the elements that influence comfort and ease. But as we navigate in a culture that values possessions, we need to be attentive to maintaining a balance that varies from person to person.

  • We have been improving spaces for the past 18 years by de-cluttering, clearing, and staging based on feng shui, wellness, color therapy, and popular statistics.
  • Our work grew out of study, contemplation, and an interest in creating more functional, attractive, and efficient work and home spaces.
  • Our backgrounds include careers in wellness, business, real estate, arts, & education.
  • Our aesthetic is clean and classic, our approach is practical and based on YOUR goals.
  • How we achieve these outcomes, whether redesigning your clinic, de-cluttering, creating a new space, or selling your home, is the journey we embark on together.

“Since Carol worked with me on my home, there has been so much more ease of movement throughout the house and clarity on how to make best use of the furnishings and objects at hand. My home actually feels more ‘me ‘ than  before receiving Carol’s help. I wholeheartedly recommend consulting Carol to turn any environment into a more suited and supportive space.” client Ruby